Construction continues on hall

HARD HAT NEEDED: The inside of Krannert's new building, Rawls Hall. The building is scheduled to be completed by fall 2003.

The super structure is built and the masonry work is 20 percent done; everything is on schedule for Krannert's new building, Rawls Hall.

Logan Jordan, Krannert associate dean of administration, said the views from inside are "absolutely stunning." The outside, he said, will be enclosed by mid-November.

Rawls Hall will be a 128,000 square-foot, four-story building.

The facility is located on Grant Street across from the Krannert building.

The hall will integrate new technological features including wireless networking and in-class streaming video.

Jordan said the video could be streamed "rather seamlessly," allowing the class to be recorded and broadcast elsewhere or permitting a speaker to be streamed into the classroom.

The classrooms will also allow teaching in "three different modes," said Jordan. Teachers can use the board, PowerPoint or the projector all at the same time. He said, "No more pulling the screens up and down."

To do this, the architects increased the height of each floor making the building taller than most buildings on campus.

All classrooms and study areas will be wired for the Internet, and the commons area will have Web kiosks and wireless access to university libraries and the Internet.

Jordan said the north part of the building will be done in limestone and the building will be wrapped in a lighter brick color with many windows.

"The main floor is going to be all windows. It will have an inside/outside kind of feel. When you're walking along that hallway, you will get a sense of feeling that you're outside," he said.

The architects for Rawls Hall are Scholer Corp. Architect/Engineers of Lafayette and Good, Clancy & Associates of Boston.

The architecture is based on its surroundings.

"The architects were trying to tie together Krannert and the Union….they blended them as much as they could, trying to carry some of characteristics of the buildings in the village," he said.

In February, the design received an architectural award from American School & University magazine's Architectural Portfolio.

All funding for the building is private, including Jerry S. Rawls' $10 million donation to the $35 million building.

"Purdue and the Krannert School provided me with a solid basis upon which to build my career," said Jerry Rawls in the Krannert Magazine. "The new building will provide Krannert with the technologically advanced facilities it needs to grow its reputation as well as add an architecturally pleasing building to Purdue's campus.

"But most important Rawls Hall will be a place where Krannert students will learn what it takes to lead 21st-century enterprises."

Rawls graduated in 1968 with a master's degree in industrial administration and is now president, chief executive office and director of Finisar Corp, an optical networking company in California.

Rawls wanted the new Krannert building to emulate the environment in which the school was sending their students — the workplace.

Workplaces tend to be social environments, so they equipped the building with many break-out rooms where people could talk.

The architects also made the atmosphere very open, like a workplace, so people can communicate on various levels and various places within the building.

The construction on Rawls Hall has the State Street sidewalk closed. The sidewalk will remain closed until construction of the building is complete.

The building will be finished for the fall of 2003. In the mean time, people can watch the progress by visiting

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