A nationally ranked software company hired a Purdue student through the second annual Virtual Career Fair held by the Center for Career Opportunities.

Greg Miller, director of engineering talent at Ultimate Software, wrote in an email that the process of the career fair helped him in hiring a "very talented and well rounded" Boilermaker.

"From the time of signing up for the career fair to the time of hiring the individual, it was a very quick and easy process that gave us a lot of assurances that we were hiring the right person," he wrote.

Though Andrew Schwinke, who graduated in 2008 with a master's degree in mechanical engineering, did not land a job through the career fair, he wrote in an email that he was able to secure some responses from employers.

"This was a unique experience for me," he wrote. "When I read about the event I probably would have participated even if I was not looking for a job."

Schwinke wrote he participated in the career fair because the virtual aspect of the career fair was alluring to him. He also wrote he hopes to see this type of career fair be held more often.

"I doubt there would be any other way for an experienced professional like myself to talk with so many actively searching employers in the Chicagoland area," he wrote. "There is a lot of effort that goes into prepping for an in-person career fair and this format allowed me to participate in the couple spare hours I had that week."

Miller agreed with Schwinke and wrote the set-up of the career fair was very convenient and easy. He wrote that the career fair helped him meet prospective employees he would otherwise never get to meet.

"Purdue is a great school with a great reputation that Ultimate Software has always wanted to recruit from, but being located here in South Florida, it's not always feasible to take the time to travel to Purdue," he wrote. "This Virtual Career Fair allowed us to meet many of the talented Purdue students."

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