Several independent sources say Varun Chheda, the Purdue student who was stabbed to death in his dorm room early Wednesday morning, was playing video games over a Discord voice chat before and during the stabbing.

Arunabh Sinha, one of Chheda's childhood friends, confirmed in a call with The Exponent that Chheda was gaming while on a Discord call Tuesday night. Sinha wasn't on the call, but the people that were told him they heard the attack and screams but didn't know what was happening. When they woke up the next day, they saw the news of Chheda's death.

A Yik Yak user said Wednesday night they heard from McCutcheon South resident assistants that Chheda was on a Discord call at the time of the attack.

One of Chheda's friends, a student that is a part of the server in which the call occurred, said one of the other participants in the call was a Purdue student, and the rest were students at other schools.

He said Ji Min "Jimmy" Sha, the Purdue student facing preliminary charges of murdering Chheda, wasn't on the call or in the server. Chheda's friend, who wishes to remain anonymous because of the freshness and sensitivity of the situation, said no one on the call knew who Jimmy was.

A screenshot of a Discord chat shared with The Exponent shows members of a chat seemingly reacting to hearing the stabbing.

“Those screams were literally the worst thing I’ve ever heard in my life,” one wrote. “Do you guys know a Jimmy?”

Eventually, they removed Chheda from the call to give him privacy and because they didn't want to keep hearing the screams, the student in the server said.

“At this point the best thing to do is kick Varun off the call,” one typed. “Hopefully give privacy of some form.”

The Exponent asked Purdue spokesperson Tim Doty early this morning to confirm or deny the alleged circumstances.

"No update or new information on our end," he said in an email. 

The Tippecanoe County coroner's office confirmed the 20-year-old Purdue senior killed overnight in McCutcheon Hall early Wednesday was stabbed to death.

Chheda was a data science major from Indianapolis.

Coroner Carrie Costello sent out a press release saying the cause of Chheda's death was "multiple sharp force traumatic injuries."

Purdue police identified the suspect as 22-year-old junior in cybersecurity Sha from South Korea.

PUPD Chief Lesley Wiete told reporters Wednesday morning near McCutcheon that investigators were not certain of a motive, but "I believe this was unprovoked and senseless."

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