1/2/19 Police Stock Images, Purdue Police Department Sign

Almost two weeks after Indiana Gov. Eric Holcomb issued a stay-at-home order for the entire state, three men were cited for defying that order after taking their motorcycles for a joyride on campus.

Purdue University Police Department Capt. Song Kang said the men, aged 20, 20 and 21, were issued persona non grata orders Thursday night.

"They were joyriding," Kang said in a phone call, saying officers found a group of people at the top of Wood Street Parking Garage around 7 p.m. Thursday.

The group scattered when police arrived, leaving the three men who were issued PNG orders behind with their respective motorcycles.

The men are not affiliated with Purdue, and are now no longer welcome on campus because of their PNG orders. One of the three men was also arrested for driving while having a suspended license.

Kang clarified that local police don't plan to enforce the governor's order to the point where people are stopped on the street or incarcerated, but these men were cited because they blatantly disregarded it.

"Unless we absolutely have to," Kang said, "we try not to incarcerate anybody."

He said as of Friday, no one affiliated with Purdue had been cited for defying the governor's order.

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