4/5/20 PUPD cars

The Purdue University Police Department has focused on trying to prevent unauthorized people from accessing locked academic areas.

The Purdue Police department is not longer displaying its list of people banned from campus on its website, along with other recent web design changes.

"Some of the older content was done away with due to it being outdated or didn’t seem useful when we looked at the “hits” on the website’s traffic," Chief John Cox said in an email last week. 

Purdue police have the right to issue any person a "Persona Non Grata" order, which is Latin for "an unwelcome person." The PNG order effectively bans a person from certain area or to the entire campus, depending on police discretion. A person does not have to be convicted or even suspected of a crime to receive a PNG. 

Capt. Song Kang has told the Exponent in previous interviews that many PNGs stem from issues brought to the police by campus officials, and many times police do not investigate a matter before issuing the PNG. 

Kang was quoted in previous Exponent reporting saying a man wandering Purdue Village was issued a PNG because he "had no reason to be there," despite not breaking any laws. The man was reported to police for stealing bike parts, but police said they found no evidence of criminal activity.

A PNG lasts for one year, according to University policy, but can be extended if the person poses a continual threat to campus, Kang said in an August interview. 

The Exponent has written more than a dozen stories on PUPD's use of PNG orders, most in the past year. Eleven people were issued a PNG just over the past summer, a number that was atypically high, Kang said. 

If a student is banned from campus, they are not necessarily expelled from the University, Kang said in a Wednesday phone call, but police will work together with administration to "make accommodations."

"We could throw a wrench in somebody's academic career," he said. 

Kang said a copy of the updated PNG list will still be available at the station upon request. 

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