4/11/19 Discount Den, Co-owner Matt Garofalo

Matt Garofalo, co-owner of the Discount Den, speaks about the Den's plans to foster entrepreneurship.

After 150 years of “giant leaps” at Purdue, the Discount Den, home of the famous Den Pop, has decided to take a sarcastic spin on the University’s campaign by announcing its “151 Years of Small Steps” campaign.

The campaign, announced on April Fools’ Day, poked fun at Purdue’s year-long campaign by noting that “giant leaps require a series of small steps.” The store invites anyone from the community to pitch a product or service and an idea of how the Den could help with those small steps of taking said idea to market.

While places like the Foundry work with young entrepreneurs to launch startups and provide mentorship, the Den is aimed at providing real-world testing for these products and services.

“If you want to start a company, by all means (do so) — but if you want to take your product and service to market, we can give you real shelf space next to brand-name items and test it,” said Matt Garofalo, co-owner of the Discount Den.

Garofalo is looking for ideas that are fleshed out, where the missing piece is the lack of a vendor. He also mentioned providing social media coverage as a form of advertisement for the products or services they sponsor.

“And it could be something as simple as a doughnut,” Garofalo said, motioning toward Hammer Donuts, which sell at the Den. “Where, you know, ‘Hey, I’ve got this product. ... I’ve checked off all the boxes that I need to organize the company and run it properly. I just need a venue to test it out.”

That’s where Garofalo feels the Den can shine.

Garofalo doesn’t plan on making any plans for implementing new products until they relocate the Den in July, but he wants to start the conversation.

The new Discount Den location will be at the property on Stadium Avenue between Domino’s Pizza and Insomnia Cookies.

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