11/18/17 Purdue University Dance Marathon, Tyler Trent

Tyler Trent takes a knee and listens to a Riley Kid speak during the 2017 PUDM.

As Purdue University Dance Marathon festivities encompassed most of the weekend, many thoughts turned to Tyler Trent and his contribution to cancer research.

Tyler Trent, a previous PUDM committee chair and Purdue Athletics superfan who died of a rare bone cancer on Jan. 1, continues to make a difference in cancer research.

Trent’s father, Tony Trent, shared his gratitude for programs such as PUDM and donations raised for cancer research.

“Our family would, first and foremost,” he said via phone, “like to thank all the students — with their time and energy and effort to make such a wonderful thing for the kids happen with all the funds that were raised.”

In honor of Tyler Trent, the Purdue Center for Cancer Research created the Tyler Trent Cancer Research Endowment after Purdue’s football game against Ohio State in November 2018, PCCR Director of Development Tim Bobillo said via email.

As of Oct. 30, $1,010,116 had been raised for the Tyler Trent Cancer Research Endowment, according to Bobillo.

He said the amount raised for the endowment will be matched and doubled by the Walther Cancer Foundation. This will bring the amount to a total of $2,020,232.

“So, in essence, (it’ll be) a $2 million fund, which is terrific, because that funds cancer research at Purdue in perpetuity,” Bobillo said on the phone.

Tyler Trent’s book, “The Upset,” also contributes to the endowment, as a portion of every purchase goes toward cancer research, according to the book’s webpage. Tony Trent said about 17,000 copies have been sold so far.

“(We’re) just grateful for everything that everybody is doing to raise money,” he said, “to try to help find a cure for these terrible diseases.”

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