1/8/19 Tyler Trent Memorial Service

Photos of Tyler Trent line tables in the College Park Church in Carmel, Indiana.

Tyler Trent's faith was a crucial part of his identity, according to each and every friend, teammate and family member who spoke during his memorial service in Carmel, Indiana, Tuesday night.

"Tyler made a decision to live," said Trey Mock, a close friend of Trent's.

Mock met Trent when he visited the Carmel native's home dressed as "Blue," the horse mascot of the Indianapolis Colts. He was simply supposed to meet Trent and visit with his family. 

Upon talking with Trent, however, he did something he hadn't often done before — he took off his mascot mask, sat down and talked to Trent for a while.

"Tyler prayed for a platform," Mock said, and he explained how the Purdue superfan used his illness to help others. 

What did Trent want Mock to say during his service?

"It wasn't about me, it was about God," Mock said. "You won, bro.

"You won."

Other speakers at Trent's service included Indiana Governor Eric Holcomb, Indianapolis Star sportswriter Gregg Doyel, Boilermaker quarterback David Blough and several of Trent's close friends, family and roommates.

Holcomb began his message by reading a letter written by United States Vice President Mike Pence. He echoed Pence's sentiments of wishing the Trent family he and his wife's best wishes, and restated Tyler's love for God.

Doyel brought the crowd to both tears and laughter by recounting his experience spending time with the Trent family over the past year, as he wrote Tyler's story and became close friends with him over time.

Trent would have wanted the service to "revolve around the five-letter word: Jesus," Blough said, to a sniffling crowd. "(Trent had an) undeniable love for the Lord."

"Thank you Tyler, love you brother."

Trent's uncle, Todd Trent, also commented on Tyler's love for God.

"Tyler was special because God gave him the pursuit of a platform," Todd Trent said. "God gave him the opportunity to be Tyler Strong."

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