7/24/18 OWL

The Purdue Writing Lab provides writing and editing help to all Purdue students and faculty.

The Purdue Writing Lab may be moving out of Heavilon Hall, and some kind of civics literacy test will be required for graduation, according to a Purdue Student Government meeting Wednesday night.

Civics literacy

After an August Board of Trustees meeting, members approved having all freshmen at Boiler Gold Rush take a civics literacy survey.

PSG Vice President Assata Gilmore, who sat on an ad hoc committee for the University Senate, confirmed that there will be some sort of civics literacy test administered to students.

“There is going to be something. We don’t know what it’s going to look like,” Gilmore said, “but there is going to be some sort of graduation requirement.”

She said the committee discussed the difference between civics literacy and civic engagement, and the pros and cons of an exam or other methods, such as modules.

“It’s not necessarily ‘Should we have this exam?’” she said. “We’re pretty much past that point, but it’s, ‘What does it look like?’”

Writing Lab relocation

PSG president Jo Boileau mentioned the Writing Lab may be moving from its home in Heavilon Hall to Krach Leadership Center.

“They’re trying to get it into Krach, because they want to be in the heart of where students are. It’s just making it work,” Boileau said

Boileau said the Director of the Writing Lab Harry Denny, Dean of the College of Liberal Arts David Reingold and COO for the College of Liberal Arts Lori Sparger are working on the project.

They brought up the relocation of the Writing Lab to Boileau near the end of the summer and met with him two weeks ago.

Boileau said the relocation to Krach would displace PSG offices and other organizations housed in the center.

“You can’t move student orgs,” he said. “Not only move them — displace them.”

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