Purdue has changed its study abroad scholarship offerings in an effort to grow as a global university.

The Purdue Moves Scholarship, created in 2013, dropped its initial offering for semester-long programs from $3,000 to $2,000 in 2017.

However, students who complete a 1-credit online course while spending a semester abroad can earn an additional $1,500 for the following semester’s tuition. This additional scholarship is called the “Semester Abroad Intercultural Leadership Scholarship.”

“This is the most generous model we’ve had out there,” said Dean of International Programs Michael Brzezinski.

Purdue has also changed these scholarships from incentive-based to need-based. The Purdue Moves scholarship money that was available to all students is now only for students with a family income of less than $250,000 according to their FAFSA.

The University wanted to stretch the budget farther and use its money where the school felt it was most needed, Brzezinski said.

Purdue’s rank jumped to 19th in the nation for domestic student study abroad participation in 2018.

Students not taking an entire semester study abroad program can receive $1,000 for a program lasting 14 days or longer. Similarly, students involved in a program 13 days or shorter can receive $500.

Jessica Ma, a senior in the college of engineering, said her study abroad experience helped her become more appreciative and aware of the effect the United States has on the world.

She also enjoyed the course she took to receive the $1,500 SAIL scholarship.

“It was a super easy international cultural awareness class,” said Ma.

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