8/22/18 food pantry ACE

Food lines the shelves in the ACE Food Pantry at the Baptist Student Foundation on campus.

University Senate passed a basic needs security resolution during a suspension of its normal rules at its meeting this afternoon.

The resolution will highlight housing and food insecurity on campus and the resources that are accessible by recommending professors add a statement regarding these insecurities to their syllabi.

There are already resources on campus for those experiencing food insecurity, but not everyone is aware about them, according to Purdue Student Government president Jo Boileau. Boileau said that 48% of students report food insecurity in their college experience.

He also brought up the lack of Sunday dinners served in dining courts. Boileau pointed out that students can go to the ACE Campus Food Pantry as a food resource in addition to finding other necessities.

“We need to be aware of what’s happening in our students’ lives,” equity and diversity committee chair and professor Audrey Ruple said.

The senate also debated a proposal to require all new hires to include diversity statements in their application packet.

Ideas brought up during the meeting talked about companies selling diversity statements to those not wanting to write them themselves and the idea of consistency in recruitment. Other members said requiring a written statement shows the person’s commitment to diversity and actually thinking about diversity rather than checking a box.

“Diversity statements are becoming standard. Purdue is an outlier,” Ruple said.

The senate also discussed a resolution to add an “X” as a non-binary gender marker for identification forms.

Associate dean of the graduate school James Mohler said that the whole purpose of tracking gender is so the University does not have to track other places for all the different percentages.

The Senate will vote on these resolutions at their next meeting on Feb. 17.

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