9/23/21, Stock: Emergency Vehicles, PUPD Sign

A Purdue student was arrested Sunday afternoon and banned from campus for five years after his car was found with "multiple weapons" in the trunk.

Ethan Byers, 22, was arrested at 1 p.m. Sunday afternoon on preliminary charges of possession/manufacturing or distribution of a "hoax device," weapons or instruments of violence, according to PUPD crime logs. Police found him at a house on Waldron Street — just across the street from where his car was found — less than an hour after they arrived on the scene, the logs read.

He was also issued a persona non grata, or PNG, effectively banning him from campus until 2026. 

Byers, a student in the College of Engineering, wasn't originally named on the Monday crime logs, which said only that a car was found with weapons in the trunk. PUPD Capt. Song Kang said Tuesday that while police had detained Byers and taken him in for questioning, they were still interviewing multiple people and didn't want to release a name Monday until they were certain.

Soon after The Exponent published its first story on the incident Monday afternoon, Purdue spokesperson Tim Doty emailed The Exponent confirming that police recovered "multiple weapons from a vehicle parked on the street with its trunk open" outside the Zeta Tau Alpha sorority house, though a name was still not released.

Byers' arrest was listed in Tuesday's logs rather than Monday's. At 3 p.m. on Tuesday, Kang confirmed that Byers was the owner of the car.

When asked for additional details, Kang referred the Exponent to Doty. Doty said Byers is still enrolled at Purdue, and directed all further inquiries to the prosecutor's office. The Prosecutor's office said no more information can be released at this time. 

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