2/9/22 Police officer Jon Selke confronts Adonis Tuggle

Purdue police officer Jon Selke is seen holding his arm over Adonis Tuggle's throat. 

Purdue Graduate Student Government condemned Adonis Tuggle's treatment by a Purdue Police Department Officer in a statement sent to students Thursday afternoon.

The email reads,

“As you may or may not be aware, there has been disturbing media and coverage involving police brutality at Purdue University. The Purdue Graduate Student Government (PGSG) continues to stand by its commitment to supporting Black Boilermakers, and we condemn all police violence that disproportionately harms Black communities.

WE STAND WITH ADONIS TUGGLE! We open our arms in solidarity with our fellow Boilermaker and vow to increase awareness around this incident, advocate, and provide help and support.

As Purdue University has also made a public commitment to Black Boilermakers in the form of the Board of Trustees’ Equity Taskforce, we as a campus should expect a swift and serious response to this incident. Purdue University has stated that they are “implementing a plan with specific actions to ensure all members of the university community have the opportunity to experience all Purdue has to offer equitably, (with a) focus on structural and environmental barriers to success... specific to (the experience) of Black Boilermakers”. Systematic racism and police violence are barriers to the success of many Black Boilermakers, and we demand that the Purdue University Police Department be held accountable to ensure that all Boilermakers are safe on this campus.

Our campus must systematically, institutionally, and culturally oppose incidents such as these if we are truly committed to the mission of equity for Black Boilermakers at Purdue. Purdue University, and PUPD, have an obligation to maintain the promise to address structural and environmental barriers to success by ensuring the safety and well-being of all students. With this most recent incident, it is evident that there is still more work to be done.

As representatives of the Purdue student community, we will not sit idly by and allow police violence on our campus to go unaddressed. No student deserves to feel less safe calling the police. It is our expectation that the PUPD will provide all materials related to the case, including body cam footage, as they have said they will as soon as possible. Officers should not be allowed to behave with impunity and have their behavior go unpunished when misconduct such as this occurs. We encourage you to contact the Purdue Police Department and clearly express your concerns with how Adonis was treated. Likewise, we encourage you to lend support to all fellow Boilermakers during this time as it is critical that we unite as a community in solidarity.”

The statement also details a list of events and resources available for students in light of the event, including a town hall hosted by the Purdue Black Student Union tonight at 7 p.m. and services offered by Counseling and Psychological Services.

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