8/15/18 Successful World Record Attempt, students whistling

BGR participants blow their train whistles to set the Guinness World Record of "Most People Blowing Train Whistles Simultaneously."

Most students remember dripping sweat as they walked around campus endlessly during Boiler Gold Rush the week before their freshman year of classes began. Now imagine walking through the snow in January.

Welcome to Boiler Cold Rush.

BCR will be tailored to undergraduate students who participated in the fall semester completely online or are new to Purdue in the spring.

Other freshmen who have participated in BGR or have been living on campus are also welcome to participate.

This program, a weekend-long event, will span from Jan. 14-16. It costs $150 for students living on campus, with a $200 fee for off-campus students to supplement meal plans for the weekend.

BCR also will offer a completely online option for its programming for international students or those unable to attend in person.

“Students will learn about campus traditions, Purdue culture and University resources,” said Craig Johnson, the Director of Orientation Programs. “Students will also have opportunities to connect with their new-to-campus peers and continuing students.”

The concept of BCR has been in the works for a few years now, Johnson said. With many students not taking classes physically on campus this fall because of the pandemic, the University thought next year was as good as any to begin the new program.

“We recognize that students who begin in the spring semester have a more challenging time becoming part of a community compared to their peers who start in the summer or fall,” Johnson said. “While not completely in response to COVID-19, 2021 seemed like the appropriate time for its launch as a way to welcome our first-year students coming to campus for the first time this spring in addition to our new beginners and transfer students.”

Sanjana Manjrekar, a sophomore in the college of Health and Human Sciences, was a supervisor for BGR. While most supervisors for BGR will participate in BCR, she will be unable to join in this year because of conflicting travel dates.

“I am honestly not sure what to expect,” she said. “BGR is and always has been full of fun surprises, so I can only expect some fun events for all those students that have not properly seen and adjusted to the campus life.”

BCR has a multitude of events planned, none of which have yet been released to the public. Johnson said details on the program are still in the works, and more information will be made available on the BCR website in the coming weeks.

“While a schedule has not yet been finalized, the goal of Boiler Cold Rush is to help students feel part of a community and learn how to navigate resources before their first semester on campus,” he said.

The deadline to register for BCR is Jan. 6.

“I think that this is a great way for students to get a better feel of the campus and meet even more people,” Manjrekar said. “This will definitely give them the full BGR feel that they missed by not being on campus.”

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