Several hundred students walked into the newly renovated Purdue Memorial Union basement for the first time Monday morning. The basement was decorated with black and gold balloons as students were lining up at all the food stations and the whole place only smelt like food.

“I love it. It looks so good,” said Emily Ragsdale, a sophomore in the College of Agriculture.

“It seems like a more lively atmosphere (compared to the dining courts),” said Haleigh Martin, freshman in Krannert School of Management.

The PMU basement has 12 new food services, and several students said they’re attracted by that.

“I like the diversity in the different types of restaurants,” said Emma Engel, a sophomore in the College of Agriculture.

Both Ragsdale and Engel agreed the food was “more flavorful than the other restaurants (on campus).”

Some students say the location is great for various reasons.

“For people that don’t live in residential areas, it’s a lot closer,” Engel said.

For Martin, walking back to the dining courts would take more time than to the Union, especially when she only has an hour between her classes. She said the PMU basement is the perfect place to stop between classes for food.

Bryan Krieger, director of operations for Purdue Food Company, said students and faculty that walked in today were “awestruck with how different and beautiful this space is.”

Krieger said he can’t wait for people to try out the food.

“Our food is very chef-driven, from-scratch focused,” he said. “All of our food is going to be fantastic.”