As Purdue reopens and students return to campus, some student groups are trying new measures to adapt to the pandemic.

For Purdue's bands, that means specialized masks that cover the members' faces and prevent droplets from leaking, while allowing the members to continue to play their instruments.

Bands have also increased the size of their rehearsal facilities, often moving locations to ensure social distancing can be achieved.

The Purdue Jazz Band has gone one step further.

According to senior saxophone member Geoff Fegan, not only are jazz band members wearing the specialized masks, but brass players use bell covers to keep the aerosols out. Woodwinds such as the saxophones use special bag covers as well.

"Lots of research, from Colorado (University) or Colorado State (University), has gone into figuring out the aerosols from instruments," Fegan said. "There has been lots of testing. I can't say I know everything, but I assume that they put their money into the stuff that works for us."