3/4/20 Corona Virus Spotlights, Halle Vincent

Halle Vincent



Veedersburg, Indiana

Do you think coronavirus is a big issue?

I think it is for some people. I don't think it is for Purdue at this time but I do think it definitely some people's lives obviously.

Has the virus made you change or question your spring break travel plans?

No. I did not have travel plans, but I do know people who have questioned it. Some people are waiting to see if their study abroads are canceled and some are waiting to see basically how bad it gets by spring break.

What do you think about travel bans and study abroad programs being cancelled?

I think not all the cases 'its better to safe than sorry'. I do think they should be refunded for the money they put into it because they can't predict a travel ban. I know a lot of kids are going to be out of money which really sucks. I had a study abroad last year and I definitely would have been very heartbroken if it would have been but I also understand contamination type stuff. I feel like right now we are kind of being wishy-washy if we are trying to contain it or not and I think there needs to be a hard choice of travel or don't travel.