Purdue University Dance Marathon 2021: Alexandre Shing spotlight

Name: Alexandre Shing

Major: Electrical Engineering

Year: Junior

From: Singapore

Is this your first dance marathon?

It isn't. I've done dance marathon last year, although it was slightly different.

Virtual, yeah. I'm guessing you prefer it this way?

Yeah. As you can tell them a very active, physical person. Yes. Being with everybody else really gives me energy.

Awesome! So how long have you been at this? (reference that he has been biking)

I've been doing it for an hour and three minutes currently but I hope to go for a little bit longer than that.

Oh my gosh, ok! What's the story with the biking?

I just like it. I know that we're supposed to be (biking) in honor of David Feltner. And I know that (there) was a frat that was trying to raise money doing the exact same exercise out by WALC. And so I guess I was trying to emulate them a little.

Ok, sweet! How is the night going? Are you getting tired?

No, my energy is up. We've had a couple ups and downs, but just now the concert performance was really fun. And some of my buddies with acapella here, were just in the area and we were just having a lot of fun. So yeah, I'm really enjoying my time here. 

Glad to hear it! Is there anything else that you know is coming this evening that you're looking forward to, or just the whole thing?

Yeah, just the whole thing in general. I'm really excited for the for the announcement of all the numbers. I think that's like kind of like the grand finale for everybody.