10/31/2015 Gerald Thomas

Gerald Thomas

Gerald Thomas graduated from Purdue. He is now a capital campaign manager gift officer for Food Finders Food Bank. He is married with two children.

Why are you running?

Well, I’ve finished up my second term here as a City Council At Large. I’ve enjoyed the opportunity to do something good for the city of West Lafayette, for the citizens as far as passing ordinances, and talking about zoning issues or developments. I’ve enjoyed my time here. I feel this is the best way I can make an impact here in this city. I actually decided not to run for a third term, but my Democratic friends talked me into it. So, I’m here and we’ll see how it goes on election day.

What would you do if elected?

We have some challenges ahead of us. The State Street Master Plan is going to be a major challenge for the city to pull off and make happen. What’s ahead of us is going to be a very exciting opportunity to change the look of the city, specifically State Street and how the traffic flows. With the partnership with Purdue, we can make a major impact. Some rezoning issues that are happening in New Chauncey and other areas, those will be things that we want to make sure we do the best things for those neighborhoods. We just want to make sure city services are efficient, effective and cost affordable.

What is one major issue that you believe needs to be addressed by City Council?

I think State Street, making that happen, is going to be a major issue for the city and the University. A lot of pieces and puzzles need to fit together to make it work well. If you look at the timeline, it’s almost a four-year plan. I think it is something people will be pleased with.

What is your favorite TV show?

I have to admit I’ve become a “Hawaii Five-0” fan. I remember growing up and watching the old “Hawaii Five-0” and enjoying that but the new version, I have to admit, has surpassed the old version. That is sometimes difficult to do with TV shows.

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