ISDH COVID Graph 5/6/2020

851 cases were reported on May 6 making it the second highest daily increase in COVID-19 cases in the state. 

The state health department reported the second highest daily increase in cases on Wednesday. 

With 851 new cases, the only time the daily new case count surpassed this was on April 26 with 951 new cases. The total positive number of COVID-19 cases in Indiana is now at 21,033, according to the Indiana State Health Department's website.

Nearly 30,000 new tests have been administered in the past week. The percentage of tests that come back positive has decreased from 18.8% last Wednesday to 18.1%.

State health commissioner Kris Box said she hopes to see this metric drop lower. 

"All states are ramping up the amount of testing that they're doing so the number of cases continues to go up and that's what we want to see because that means we're testing more people," Box said. "What I would like to see is eventually that percentage of cases that is positive, going down, meaning that instead of 18 to 19% of those cases coming back positive we start to see that drop down into the 15, 13, 12%."

The website, which updates at noon daily, reported 51 new deaths between April 20 and Tuesday and 862 new positive cases between April 25 and Tuesday for the entire state..

Tippecanoe County is now at 197 cases, up from 190 yesterday, and remains at two deaths.

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