10/24/20 Breakfast Club, Where Else line (copy)

The line of Breakfast Club participants wait to enter Where Else last October.

Where Else Bar employees were “hellbent” on not cooperating when a bystander was injured by a bouncer who was engaged in a fight at the bar early Saturday morning, the bystander said.

The fight reportedly began when a patron got into an argument with a bouncer, according to the bystander who requested to be anonymous for security reasons.

“They could have just thrown him out there,” he said.

“The bar was already almost empty. Why did they have to beat the s--- out of him?”

A video posted to Reddit Saturday morning shows bouncers at Where Else Bar restraining and fighting with a patron.

The 14-second clip shows one bouncer holding the person down on the ground and punching him while another stands above the person punching and kicking him. The staff members eventually picked him up, then another employee stepped in to punch him two more times.

Throughout the fight, other patrons tried to separate the bouncers from the detained patron. One pulled on the shirt of a bouncer and another stepped in the middle of the altercation to push the bouncers off of him.

The bystander was standing in a corner of the bar and talking to his friend about leaving when one of the bouncers rushed past to get to the fight, he said.

“The bouncer threw everyone (out of) his way, but the bar was already empty,” he said. “I don’t know why he had to rush.”

On his way, the bouncer allegedly pushed the bystander, who already had a prior leg injury. Afterwards, the bystander said he couldn’t feel his leg and it swelled up.

Around 3 a.m., the bystander called the police to request medical attention for his leg.

West Lafayette Police Department Lt. Adam Miller confirmed they were called out to Where Else Bar early Saturday morning to respond to a fight and provide medical attention to someone with an injured leg. There were no signs of fighting when they arrived, and the injured person refused medical treatment.

The bystander told The Exponent that he declined treatment because his insurance “hadn’t come through yet,” he said.

When he called the police, the bystander said Where Else employees reportedly “freaked out,” because they knew about the fight involving the bouncers.

“They kept saying ‘Don’t call the cops,’” he said.

Fights are a recurring problem for Where Else more so than other bars in the area, he said. “Where Else is ridiculous.”

Multiple attempts to contact Where Else were unsuccessful. 

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