1/2/19 Police Stock Images, Lafayette Police Car

The Lafayette Police Department is investigating the death of a 1-month-old infant who appears to have been killed by one of the family's dogs on Saturday.

LPD Lieutenant Matt Gard said the infant, Julian Connell, was in a room with two of his family's dogs when the animals began to fight. Connell's 14-year-old brother was able to wrench one of the two dogs, a beagle-mix, away from the other, a pitbull-mix, and remove it from the room.

When the 14-year-old brother returned, Gard said, the pitbull-mix had reportedly maimed Connell and was standing over the infant. The children's mother was home at the time, but her role in the incident is unclear.

LPD Officer Neil Cain arrived to the scene to find the pitbull-mix still standing over the injured infant, according to an LPD press release. Cain "fired one shot, killing the dog," and attempted to deliver lifesaving assistance to Connell. Assistance failed, and the infant was transported to a hospital where he was officially pronounced dead.

The beagle-mix was taken to Purdue Veterinary Hospital for treatment of its injuries.

Gard said it is unclear why the family was unable to separate the pitbull-mix from the infant before officers arrived to the home. More details about the incident will not be released until the LPD investigation concludes.

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