9/27/19 Barnett initial hearing

Michael Barnett’s lawyer, Terrance Kinnard, speaks to members of the media while Barnett watches.

The prosecutor filed subpoenas against the newsmagazine “Inside Edition” to provide records in depositions on Dec. 17 in the case of an allegedly neglected former Lafayette resident, according to court documents.

The accused former father of the resident, Michael Barnett, and his attorney, Terrence Kinnard, both appeared on an “Inside Edition” segment aired on Oct. 9.

“Inside Edition” was asked to provide business records and “all audio and/or video records” relating to appearances by Barnett and Kinnard on the New York-based TV newsmagazine. The records were described as being part of the prosecutors’ criminal investigation.

Tippecanoe Superior Court Judge Steven Meyer authorized the subpoena against “Inside Edition” on Nov. 26, asking the organization to produce certified copies of business records and “all audio and/or video records (edited and unedited, aired and unaired), production notes, writer’s notes and/or any other video, audio, or written communications or recordings” that pertain to the pair’s appearance.

The prosecutor’s office did not reply immediately when asked Wednesday afternoon if “Inside Edition” would be required to provide testimony at trial or simply in depositions. It also did not respond to answer why “Inside Edition” was specifically subpoenaed, as opposed to other news organizations which also interviewed the Barnetts.

No responses have been filed, including whether “Inside Edition” will comply with the subpoena.

A representative from “Inside Edition” said the media organization had no comment on if it would be complying with the court order.

Michael Barnett and Kristine Barnett were each charged in September with two counts of felony neglect of a dependent for abandoning their adopted daughter, Natalia Barnett. The now-divorced couple alleges Natalia Barnett is not a minor, and conspired to kill them during her time with the family. According to previous reporting, Michael Barnett admitted to police that the family had Natalia’s age legally changed to 22 before the couple left Indiana for Canada.

Natalia Barnett was also subpoenaed by Kinnard, along with Tippecanoe County detective Brandon Davenport and Sheriff Robert Goldsmith.

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