Four catalytic converter thefts reportedly occurred in West Lafayette Friday, three of which happened in the same apartment complex. 

All of the converter thefts were reported from the Peppermill Village apartment complex in West Lafayette, apart from one on the 100 block of S. River Road.

West Lafayette Police Department Capt. Adam Ferguson said that even though police can't definitively link the thefts, he suspects them to be related due to the similarities in the cases. 

No suspect has been named, and it may be hard to find the thief, he said. 

"There are ways to track them, but catalytic converters aren't marked uniquely to the vehicle," Ferguson said. 

Another impediment to the investigation could be the trend of catalytic converter thefts coming from out of town in the middle of the night, so they can leave immediately, he said. They then sell the converters where they're from and their local police won't be searching for the stolen parts.

Replacing the parts can also be costly, Ferguson said, sometimes more than $1,000.

Ferguson said it's typically very easy to tell if the catalytic converter is missing from your vehicle because your car will sound extremely loud. 

Honda CR-V's and Toyota Prius's are two of the most common vehicles thieves will seek out because of their easily accessible converters.

"It can be done very quickly," Ferguson said. "Under a minute."

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