Starship Technology

Starship's food delivery robot was spotted on Purdue's campus a few weeks before classes started for the fall semester.

A concerned tenant from the Hub on Campus brought the apartment’s delayed move-in to attention at West Lafayette’s Board of Works meeting Tuesday morning.

Juwon Lee moved to West Lafayette from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania to start a position at Purdue as a postdoctoral research fellow in the College of Health and Human Sciences. Lee was not satisfied with the explanation given for the delay, which meant some students were moving in the day before classes started for the fall semester.

“This had messed up all my plans coming into the city and establishing myself,” Lee said.

Lee was expecting to have access to all her apartment’s amenities, but “On Sunday, we basically moved into an apartment that was not finished,” she said.

Lee said she later heard from the construction team that one of the reasons for the delay was that the delivery of steel was delayed.

“I don’t really have a good idea of how construction works, but steel frames are set up in the initial stages,” Lee said. “So, they would have known very early on that something was going to happen that would have been delayed.”

As Lee shared her experience, city attorney Eric Burns asked Lee twice, “Is there something that you think the Board of Works can do?”

Lee said she would like the Board of Works to investigate into Core Space.

“I think that not only is this extremely unethical, but it might be illegal because this is fraud if they knew that the move-in date was going to be late,” Lee said.

Members of the Board of Works sympathized with Lee, but told her that they can’t directly help her. Instead, she was directed to Mayor John Dennis, the Consumer Fraud division of the Indiana Attorney General’s office and the local Department of Development.

Aside from delayed move-ins, the Board of Works also discussed the incoming food delivery robot from Starship Technologies, which has partnered with Purdue.

According to previous Exponent reporting, the robots were spotted driving around campus, prompting student interest in the possibility of food delivery via robots.

The suspension for motorized vehicles to be on sidewalks has been approved to be lifted from the Board of Works so the Starship Technology robot can roam the streets.

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