At 95 years old, Bill Berberian is still making strides in his history of coaching basketball: an induction into the Indiana Basketball Hall of Fame in 2020, according to an article by WLFI News-18.

"I was not expecting it at all," Berberian said in the release. "And at my age!"

Berberian was a basketball coach at West Lafayette High School from 1953 to 1980 and won over 400 games. He was also the captain of the Purdue Men's Basketball Team and a WWII veteran.

"He is just the absolute standard bearer for how to treat people, and you learned that as a player and as a student of his," said West Lafayette High School graduate and president of Gold and Black Alan Karpick in the release. "You couldn't (have) had a better situation with a guy who led by example."

Thie announcement came after the news of the death of Berberian's wife, who died on Nov. 15. He says that the support of his basketball family helped him get through it.

"Obviously I'm just a lucky guy, you know? Very lucky," Berberian told WLFI. "I'm lucky to have lived as long as I have and to live the great life I've lived."

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