1/2/19 Police Stock Images, Lafayette Police Car (copy)

Detectives from the Carroll County Sheriff’s Department and the Indiana State Police discovered an online profile named anthony_shots, which used pictures of a male model to lure juvenile females into giving out personal information.

An Illinois man was arrested Thursday after allegedly battering his girlfriend and threatening her with a handgun. 

Donovan Holmes, 18, was arrested around 6 a.m. regarding the domestic battery after he called police to report a different crime, inadvertently alerting police to his location. 

The victim said she took Holmes’ handgun from him Wednesday night and secured it in his car along with his car keys because Holmes was drunk, according to the probable cause affidavit. Around 5 a.m. Thursday, Holmes reportedly punched her in the face multiple times until he got his keys back.

Holmes then left, and after he returned, he pulled her into the living room and choked her, the affidavit states. The victim said she felt like she had a lapse in memory and possibly passed out from Holmes strangling her. She also said she thought Holmes kicked her in the head.

Four children under the age of 10 were present in the residence during the incident, the affidavit said. 

An officer on the scene reported that the victim had swelling on her forehead, one cheek was completely swollen and discolored, abrasions, and red marks and scratches on her neck, the affidavit said.

Another adult present during the battery said she saw Holmes kick the victim in the head multiple times, and that she had pulled Holmes off the victim when he was strangling her.

Holmes reportedly pointed the handgun at the victim and said if she left him, he would kill her, her mom and himself. He then left the residence and went to Romney Meadows apartment.

Later, Holmes called police from the apartment to report that his brother Devonte Robinson pulled a gun on him, Lafayette police Sgt. Ian O'Shields said. Officers found Holmes and arrested him, the affidavit said. Holmes didn't have a gun on him, but did have the keys to his car.

Officers later searched the car pursuant to a search warrant and found a magazine for a Glock handgun in the center console.

Holmes was charged with intimidation, confinement, strangulation, domestic battery and pointing a firearm. 

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