8/27/20 COVID Update (Protect Purdue)

Of the 189 new cases Tippecanoe County reported in Thursday's update of the Indiana State Department of Health COVID-19 dashboard, 100 came from the Purdue community, health department administrator Khala Hochstedler said.

Another person has died from the coronavirus in Tippecanoe County, and for the second straight week Purdue has reported a record-high single-day increase. Tippecanoe County and Indiana both recorded their largest one-day case increases and now serve their highest quantity of hospitalized patients since the outbreak began.

Hochstedler said community spread is the cause of the dramatic rise in case numbers. People are returning to Halloween parties and birthday parties, neglecting to realize they can spread the virus up to 48 hours before they're sick, she said.

"We have not identified any major clusters or causes. In general, people are getting lax about wearing a mask and staying home," she said. "(They're) increasing their social bubble. In April and May, people were just being with people in their household. Now people are getting more relaxed and just fatigued from staying inside."

Records have been set in multiple concerning categories, according to the Protect Purdue COVID-19 dashboard and the ISDH dashboard.

At Purdue

Purdue reported 76 new cases in 1,260 tests conducted Tuesday, which is the most recent update because the University reports positive tests two days after they're conducted. Tomorrow's update will likely show around 100 new positive tests, according to Hochstedler.

Purdue spokesperson Tim Doty said Purdue is contact tracing to determine where cases have originated and if needed, additional targeted testing will be used to quarantine and isolate any exposures or cases.

"Only a few weeks remain until the holiday break," he said, "and we must remain if we are to complete the semester. To this point, the campus community has done everything we have asked them to do and we must remain persistent in following the Protect Purdue Pledge."

Of those tested Tuesday, 5.98% tested positive, the highest one-day positivity rate yet recorded. That figure brings the seven-day average positivity rate to 4.11%, which is about half a percentage point lower than the previous peak.

There are 334 students and 29 employees currently harboring the coronavirus, according to Purdue's dashboard.

In Tippecanoe County

Tippecanoe County attributed 189 new positive tests to Wednesday, which is the most recent update since its numbers lag by one day. The previous one-day high was 150 cases on Oct. 28.

Hospitals in Indiana's fourth district, where Tippecanoe County is, were filled with 93 patients suffering from complications of COVID-19 as of Wednesday. That count is a jump of nearly 20 patients from the previous day's total, according to the ISDH dashboard.

More than 5,000 cases and 18 deaths have been recorded in the county since the outbreak began.

In Indiana

Indiana reported 4,457 new coronavirus cases statewide on Wednesday, according to Thursday's ISDH update.

Indiana hospitals were filled with 1,948 patients suffering from COVID-19 complications as of Wednesday. That number is 50 higher than Tuesday's count.

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