1/2/19 Police Stock Photos, Lafayette Police

A Lafayette police officer implicated in an officer-involved shooting Jan. 20 is set to return to work immediately following a shooting review board Monday.

The Lafayette Police Department review board determined that Officer Nathan Stoneking adhered to the department's policy.

LPD officers responded to a call on Jan. 20 alleging that a man with a loaded handgun was standing on the corner of South 23rd and State streets in Lafayette, reads an LPD press release. Officers arrived and began unsuccessful attempts to de-escalate the situation that resulted in Stoneking shooting and killing Dustin Furr, 39, whose identity was confirmed by the Tippecanoe County coroner.

The review board determined that it was Furr who placed the call to LPD, reporting himself as armed with a loaded weapon and standing at the intersection.

Stoneking was not the first officer to arrive at the scene. He was preceded by Officer Jeremy Kennedy, according to the press release, who alleged that Furr pointed a handgun at him upon his arrival. Approximately 11 minutes of negotiations followed, with officers ultimately failing to convince Furr to surrender his weapon.

The report states that Furr began walking in the direction of Kennedy with his weapon raised to shoulder level and pointed at the officer, which prompted Stoneking to shoot at Furr, striking twice and killing him.

The review board's findings mark the conclusion of LPD's criminal investigation into the incident, to be continued by the Tippecanoe County prosecutor's office. No further case facts or camera footage are expected to be released to supplement the ongoing investigation.

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