1/15/21 Courthouse

The Tippecanoe County Courthouse.

A Purdue student has been charged with residential entry and battery after his ex-girlfriend allegedly came home to find him hiding in her closet.

The victim told police that after she entered her apartment, she noticed her cat's food wrapper on the floor and a shoe box, pair of shoes and a teddy bear under her bed when they were all kept in the closet. Then she saw Shenyue Tao, her ex-boyfriend, in her closet, according to the probable cause affidavit filed Tuesday.

She had just broken up with him two months earlier, and even though he lived next door, she told police he wasn't allowed in her house. She thinks he got in because her front door is being fixed, so it doesn't lock.

She reportedly asked him to leave multiple times. When he didn't, she called several friends to come over, and at some point before they got there, Tao allegedly punched her closet door, leaving a dent.

West Lafayette police were called to the house north of campus at the end of May when a student sitting at a pool nearby said she saw a man hitting a woman in the face through the second floor window and heard screaming, according to the affidavit.

The responding officer reported that he didn't see any fighting by the time he got there, but he heard a man yelling and the victim looked like she had been crying and had a scratch on her knee. 

Tao, a Polytechnic Institute student, told the officer the two have a "toxic" relationship, and he just wanted to talk to her about it. He said he pushed her to the ground but never hit her. Tao said she had been acting crazy, wouldn't talk to him and had blocked him on all social media.

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