1/14/19 McCutcheon High School

Four young adults have been charged with felonies after trespassing into McCutcheon High School after a recent night out with friends.

Adam Cadwallader, 20, Erika Lizotte, 18, Kurt Samulowitz-Rubio, 21, and Naseer Detrick, 19, all of Lafayette, have been charged with criminal trespassing, according to court documents.

According to a police report, the young adults entered the high school Dec. 29 after Cadwallader climbed up a pillar onto the roof, where he was able to enter the building and let the others in.

Security footage showed two of the males deliberately covering their faces to conceal their identities, police said. After entering, the eight members of the group "danced and pranced” through the hallways towards the pool, where they climbed down from the seating area to access the pool deck.

The next security footage available showed the students in the main gymnasium, according to the reporting officer. The report stated the video showed a young woman wearing pool floaties. Several of the participants were shown vaping or smoking and jumping to try to touch the basketball net.

The eight eventually exited through the door they came through, stopping to buy snacks at the vending machine, court documents say. Four of them have not been charged.

Evidence of their adventure was found the next morning by McCutcheon High School Assistant Principal Ryan Walden, who entered the pool to let his children in for a swim. Walden told police he realized there had been unauthorized after-hours access when he found a broken table and some of the pool flags torn down.

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