3/20/20 General Coronavirus

The Tippecanoe County Health Department has confirmed a cluster of coronavirus cases at the Grant Street Station apartment complex at 320 S. Grant St.

Health department administrator Khala Hochstedler said that Granite Student Living, the parent company of Grant Street Station, has been advised to close the complex’s common areas, such as the pool and fitness center, and increase its cleaning procedures for high-contact surfaces such as door handles and elevator buttons.

"A reopening will be determined by ongoing investigations and the potential for additional positive cases," a sign signed by Hochstedler posted to the entrance of the apartment complex reads.

“We’ve worked with Purdue to identify this cluster," Hochstedler added, "and we've worked with this management of these buildings to try to mitigate this situation."

A cluster is three or more cases from different households that have been linked together through contact tracing, according to Hochstedler.

Hochstedler noted that there are fewer than 15 total cases in Grant Street Station and that the health department is “taking it day by day” in observing the number of new cases that arise.

“Once we don't have any new cases for a period of time, probably 14 days, we’ll recommend that it’s safe to reopen,” she said.

She added that Granite has been cooperative with the health department’s requests.

Several residents said that they received emails about the closure of common areas and noticed some increased cleaning procedures.

“It smells like cleaning products pretty often,” said Abby Sheeks, a resident at Grant Street Station and student in the College of Veterinary Medicine. “I saw a few people cleaning in the elevator area.”

Granite CEO Brent Gutwein was unable to be reached for comment.

Staff Reporter Maggie Piercy contributed reporting.

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