9/28/18 PUPD Dodge Charger

A scam where a person uses someone else's Social Security Number to try and earn unemployment benefits has been reported by at least three different Purdue employees, Purdue University Police Department officials say.

All three attempts were unsuccessful, according to a Purdue News press release. PUPD Detective Ryan Edwards said in the release that in speaking with the Indiana State Police, he learned the scam has been happening around the state.

“It’s a pretty common scheme that’s been going on awhile,” Edwards said in the release. “It is unclear at this point how the scammers obtained the Social Security numbers.”

Unemployment claims go through the Indiana Department of Workforce Development, which then verifies employment status.

Scammed Hoosiers can either contact the Federal Bureau of Investigation's Internet Crime Complaint Center or report the fraud to the U.S. Social Security Administration, and are encouraged to report the fraud to their local police department.

Reporting fraud to the Social Security Administration will lock the victim's SSN card, and they'll need to stop by a local Social Security office to reopen their number, per the release.

Edwards advised those who are scammed to watch their credit report with a few major credit bureaus – Equifax, Experian and TransUnion - for fraudulent activities.

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