4/14/21 Social Worker, Devon Moore

Social worker at the West Lafayette Police Department and Purdue alumna, Devon Moore, hopes to help people through her work with the police department. 

West Lafayette police have updated the language in the department’s protocol for interacting with homeless people.

Officers who come across homeless people are now required to call on WLPD’s Social Services and Crisis Response Specialist Devon Moore, Chief Troy Harris said at Tuesday’s Board of Works meeting.

Officers will also collaborate with Projects for Assistance in Transitions from Homelessness when dealing with homeless people. The change in protocol includes a “professional relationship” with Valley Oaks Health, which works in conjunction with PATH.

Homelessness is "not a problem," in West Lafayette Harris said. "(It's) just something we changed in that we provide extra services when we come across a homeless subject. “We hope that we can make a transition from homelessness and get them the resources that they need.”

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