06/04/18 Tippecanoe County Health Department

Those interested can make an appointment to receive a Hepatitis A vaccine at the health department.

More than 250 cases of tick-borne diseases were reported by the Indiana State Department of Health last year, including one death from Rocky Mountain spotted fever.

The Tippecanoe County Health Department recommended a few methods to reduce the chance of being bitten by ticks, as over 100 cases of tick-borne diseases have already been recorded this year, according to a press release.

The health department recommends wearing light-colored clothes and long-sleeved shirts. If planning on entering a wooded area, one should tuck their pants into their socks, to reduce the area of skin vulnerable to ticks.

Another way to deal with ticks is to treat clothing with an insect repellent of 0.5 percent permethrin.

Symptoms of tick-based diseases include rashes, headaches, muscle pain, joint pain and fever. These diseases can usually be treated with antibiotics, and quick diagnoses can prevent further complications.

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