3/14/21 Purdue Village Fencing

Fencing has been put up around quarantine housing at Purdue Village. 

A "Covid party" was reported to the Purdue University Police Department just after midnight Saturday into Sunday morning. All of the students involved were reportedly positive for COVID-19.

The party was reported at the 200 block of North Airport Road, at a quarantine unit in Purdue Village, Purdue police confirmed Sunday.

Police logs detailing the incident state there was reportedly marijuana and beer at the party. PUPD Capt. Song Kang said a K9 unit was sent to the area but did not find evidence of marijuana.

Kang said the incident was then forwarded to Protect Purdue, the University's program for monitoring COVID-19. He said there appeared to be "about half a dozen" students involved, though he was unsure if they were residents of the apartment or of nearby units.

PUPD took no legal action against the students, Kang said. 

The Exponent reached out to a Purdue spokesperson for comment Sunday but did not immediately receive a response.

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