9/27/19 West Lafayette Climate Strike, John Dennis

Mayor John Dennis reads a climate related ordinance that will be soon be voted on by the city of West Lafayette. 

After the calls to action from the recent climate strikes, West Lafayette Mayor John Dennis plans to propose a climate action resolution at Monday's city council meeting. 

The plan's goal is to identify and track the city's emissions by having a Resilience Cohort's greenhouse gas inventory by Nov. 1, 2022, with publication of the results within 90 days of completion of the inventory, the resolution says.

There are key differences between a municipal ordinance and a resolution. A resolution is more of an expression of opinion from the city, while a municipal ordinance is a legislative act and can only be repealed by another ordinance. 

The city also plans to reduce emissions by 20%, with additional 20% reductions every four years thereafter, the resolution reads. The city will also educate and engage in outreach activities with the community to "support individual lifestyle changes that reduce greenhouse gas emissions."

The city councilors will vote on the plan at Monday's city council meeting.

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