5/5/20 Holcomb

Indiana Gov. Eric Holcomb during his daily press conference.

Indiana Gov. Eric Holcomb said what Hoosiers do today will determine where Indiana stands in terms of reopening the state during his daily press conference Tuesday afternoon.

“We’re still kinda on that plateau,” Holcomb said, “and we’ve got to be defensive about how we conduct our affairs, because it’s having an impact on this road map.”

Dr. Lindsay Weaver, the Indiana State Department of Health chief medical officer, urged individuals to wear masks and stay home if they are sick.

“Just because a mall reopens, doesn’t mean that you have to go,” she said.

Patrick Tamm, the CEO of the Indiana Restaurant and Lodging Association, said high-risk individuals, those who are sick or those who have been exposed to someone believed to have COVID-19 should not come into restaurants and should order takeout and delivery instead.

Holcomb said Indiana's hospitalization rate, testing and tracing ability and ventilator usage will be looked at when deciding whether to adjust the plan to reopen parts of the state.

Twenty testing sites will open tomorrow, according to Weaver.

Weaver said 120 testing sites are available across the state, and individuals can register through the state website.

Luke Bosso, Chief of Staff for the Indiana Economic Development Corporation, said a marketplace will launch for businesses to obtain personal protective equipment.

Roughly 10,000 requests will be able to be fulfilled in the first week he said, and he urged businesses to try to obtain PPE through other means before the marketplace.

Orders will start going out Friday, he said, and the state is initially fulfilling orders at no charge.

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