Hovde Hall

The University Senate voted to pass the inclusion resolution on Monday afternoon.

A victim reported a sexual assault after believing they'd been drugged at a fraternity event Wednesday, according to a Purdue email sent to students Monday afternoon quoting a CSA report.

The victim reported drinking alcohol at a function in the 300 block of North Russell Street and felt more intoxicated than expected in relation to the amount of alcohol consumed. The incident wasn't directly reported to law enforcement, and the victim didn't seek medical attention, per the report.

Two other victims reported suspected drugging at fraternity events, according to the report. Neither of these reports involved sexual assaults. There is no information to suggest the incidents, which reportedly happened at different locations, were related, according to the email.

No suspect information was provided in any report.

The email offered the following safety tips:

•       Watch your drink at all times

•       Cover your drink with your hand

•       If someone offers to buy you a drink, watch the drink being made and get it from the server yourself.

•       If you get up to move or use the restroom, take your drink with you

•       If you start to feel lightheaded, nauseous, dizzy or otherwise strange,

seek help immediately

•       Utilize the buddy system where a friend you trust is looking out for you and you are looking out for him/her

•       Step in if you see something suspicious

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