Two Purdue alumni were inducted into Indiana's Journalism Hall of Fame last weekend in tribute to their lifelong journalism careers.

* Stephanie Salter, who joined the Exponent's staff as a freshman, was the paper's first female editor-in-chief since World War II during turbulent times on campus and in the offices of the Exponent, which had recently announced its independence from Purdue.

Salter was hired by Sport Illustrated in New York City after graduation in 1971. In 1975, she worked for the San Francisco Examiner as a reporter and columnist, including investigations into clergy abuse.

She returned to Indiana to take care of ailing parents in 2004, joining the Terre Haute Tribune-Star as an enterprise reporter and columnist. She won many awards before finishing her career there as an assistant editor for opinion.

* Richard Florea retired from WKJG-TV (then NBC33) in Fort Wayne, Indiana, in 2001 after a 48-year broadcasting career.

At Purdue, Florea edited and broadcast evening newscasts for the campus radio station, WBAA. His only training in broadcast, he said, was on the job. At Purdue he started out in engineering, like his Yale graduate father. But he switched to industrial management before graduating in 1959.

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