9/7/21 West Lafayette Council Meeting, Nick Deboer

Councilor Nick Deboer discusses a section during the West Lafayette City Council meeting. 

The West Lafayette City Council passed a resolution to allow for the creation of a youth city council advisor position for high school sophomores, juniors or seniors. 

The goal is to open the door to youth input and participation in city affairs, according to the resolution. The resolution was sponsored by Shannon Kang, Purdue student government president and city councilor, and drew attention specifically to the climate crisis.

The resolution recognizes  “the climate crisis…. as a threat to future generations” and hopes to invite younger citizens’ to “inject fresh ideas and youth ideas” in addressing this issue among others.

Though not an official member of the legislative body, the youth advisor can attend all City Council meetings and advise councilors on important pieces of legislation, including  “making specific recommendations for youth programs and activities to City Council and government operations.” 

The advisor can also initiate youth community projects and enlist community-wide participation in resolving youth concerns, and will be appointed by the presiding officer of the city council and serve one academic year per term.

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