A line extended around the corner of Von’s Shops as people waited to buy Four Roses bourbon at Harry’s Chocolate Shop on Friday.

The Friday sale marked the last one Harry’s has hosted in the past year to celebrate its 100-year anniversary, according to its Facebook page.

Manager Laine Hastings said the lines have been that long for every sale.

“They start usually about (8 a.m.) lining up,” Hastings said. “We had 400 bottles today, 32 minutes — sold them out. It’s mind-boggling.”

Melanie Davis got in line at 7:15 a.m. and was fourth in line. She said the bottles were $50 each.

Everyone in line got a bourbon, Hastings said, though patrons could only buy two.

Dylan Schmitt, a recent Purdue graduate who skipped work to be in the line, said that the campus bar scene needs some additions.

“I love Harry’s, it’s great,” he said. “But we probably ought to (have) a couple more bars to kind of spread it out because a lot of times Thursday night, Friday night, Saturday night, it gets really crowded.”

Elizabeth Ayersman, a senior in the Polytechnic Institute, power-walked from her class to get in line. Though she agreed there are too few bars, she said Harry’s is her favorite.

“Where else is fun after midnight only?” she said.

Hastings said that the barrels they sell are “all hand selected by us. All engraved, etched or labeled with our 100th year anniversary.”

For Davis, having the Harry’s logo on the bottle was what she found to be special about the bourbon.

Harry’s also held a celebration that closed off part of Pierce Street on Sunday. Employees were unavailable to comment on it in more detail as of Monday.

Hastings said Friday that Harry’s 100-year anniversary celebration has been going on all year due to its limited space.

“We thought it’d be better to try to celebrate it all year long just so we don’t try to have one big party,” he said. “We’re just not big enough to pull that off. It would have been a catastrophe if we tried to do a one-day event.”

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