7/31/2020 PUPD Sign

Keaton Ray Ferverda, 21, was charged on Thursday with two felony counts after allegedly owning more than 35 grams of LSD and trying to bring cubes of the drug to a party, according to court records.

Purdue police officers pulled over a vehicle on April 10, 2019, that was speeding and swerving between lanes, per a probable cause affidavit.

An officer spoke to Ferverda, of Kewanna, Indiana, who was driving the vehicle and allegedly consented to a vehicle search.

During the search, the officer found several stamp baggies that each contained a crystalline cube, the affidavit said.

Ferverda initially claimed the cubes were of sugar but later admitted they were LSD, per the affidavit.

The subject's cell phone was also investigated and another officer found "a message chain with Ferverda stating he had acid and other drugs available," the affidavit reads.

After the vehicle and phone search, according to the document, Ferverda admitted to having more "LSD cubes and 'shatter' (a slang term for a concentrated THC product)" at his apartment in the Cottages on Lindbergh, in the 2200 block of Lucia Lane in West Lafayette.

Ferverda admitted dealing to some friends and co-workers, the affidavit states, and he said he was taking the LSD cubes to a party and planned to provide the LSD to other partygoers.

Upon searching the subject's apartment, officers found the substances in a mini fridge. A variety of smoking devices, scales and more drugs were found in the apartment, according to the affidavit.

All substances were taken to a laboratory for tests, all of which identified the substances as LSD on May 13.

Ferverda has been charged with four crimes, including dealing a schedule 1 controlled substance and maintaining a common nuisance. 

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