Hub rooftop

West Lafayette can be overlooked from the 11th floor rooftop deck of the Hub on Campus.

In the aftermath of the recent rooftop shooting on the city’s newest high-rise, West Lafayette’s mayor expects changes to be made.

On Sept. 15, during a rooftop party on the Hub on Campus, a 15-year-old shot and injured 18-year-old Treveontae Boyd and 20-year-old Yeriyah Taylor, both of whom are neither tenants of the Hub nor students at Purdue.

In the week following the shooting, West Lafayette Mayor John Dennis met with representatives at the Hub to address changes to be made with safety procedures and communications with the city.

“We made our expectations absolutely clear, and first and foremost wanted to make sure that security systems were in place and operating,” Dennis said. “That includes cameras, that includes personnel and it includes operable key fobs.”

The Hub ran into some troubles earlier last month when, due to a failed inspection, the Hub had to delay the move-in of tenants until they were granted a certificate of occupancy. While the Hub failed to obtain a permanent one, the city granted the Hub a temporary certificate while the necessary changes were made.

When the city granted the Hub its temporary certificate of occupancy, safety equipment was checked and operable, according to Dennis. Assurances were made that there was security at the doors and systems were in place, Dennis said, including the key fobs.

“Our inspection team actually went through the process of making sure those were up to par,” he said.

Another main point of contention for Dennis was the lack of communication to the city about events the Hub hosts. Going forward, the Hub will have “a more direct line of communication with the city. For instance, if they’re going to be having a major event, ... if there’s anything out of the normal that we would need to respond to, if there was an emergency, we want to be aware of it beforehand,” Dennis said.

Core Spaces, the management company for the Hub, did not respond to repeated attempts for comment.

When the Hub does host events, Dennis said, they will have internal security systems that keep certain areas off limits.

While the recent shooting doesn’t raise any concerns about gun laws for Dennis, he admits times have changed.

“When children come to large events with a weapon, what does that say about our society,” Dennis said.

No information has been provided on how the 15-year-old obtained the gun, but given the age of the shooter, he could not have legally owned the gun. West Lafayette Police Department did not respond when asked for comment.

“The people who are inclined to obey any rules that come out about guns are not the kind of people that carry guns to a party and shoot at people because they’re mad,” Dennis said. “Illegal guns are a big concern of mine.”

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