11/19/19 Red for Ed walk-ins

Supporters for the "Red for Ed" movement walk into West Lafayette Jr./Sr. High School Tuesday morning following speeches from students, teachers, parents and city officials.

Students, teachers and parents held a walk-in Tuesday morning at West Lafayette Jr./Sr. High School in support of thousands of teachers participating in the "Red for Ed" protests across Indiana.

Teachers from across the state have also gathered in Indianapolis to voice concerns that the public school system is not receiving enough funding. Public schools have had to compete with voucher programs and charter schools in recent years for funding.

According the Indiana State Teachers association, the priorities for Red for Ed are to invest the state's budget surplus into teacher compensation; hold students, teachers and communities harmless from Indiana’s standardized testing scheme, I-LEARN; and repeal Professional Growth Plan/externship requirements.

West Lafayette Mayor John Dennis, high school student council president Rahul Durai and parent Amy Austin were among the speakers voicing support for the teachers at the West Lafayette Jr./Sr. High School.

Similar walk-ins were held at the West Lafayette intermediate and elementary schools.

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