//4/19 West Lafayette police marijuana bust

Two men were formally charged in an apparent scheme to move boxes of marijuana through a West Lafayette hotel last fall.

Police were called to the Hilton Garden Inn in Wabash Landing on Nov. 4 when hotel employees received four boxes addressed to a firm in Las Vegas, called the company and were told they were not involved in the shipment and then opened the boxes, according to probable cause documents filed Thursday and previous reporting. The boxes contained baggies of plant material that turned out to be 88 pounds of marijuana.

When 18-year-old Andrew James Daniels arrived to check in to the hotel and pick up the packages under the name Wyatt Weaver, police were waiting. They searched him and the Escalade he and another man had arrived in, according to the court documents. More marijuana, cash and several guns were allegedly found in the vehicle.

An Indiana State Police forensic scientist confirmed on May 1 that the material was, indeed, marijuana, according to the document.

Also arrested was 21-year-old Trevor Austin Higgins of Indianapolis, who was in the vehicle and has been charged with two felony counts of dealing marijuana and two misdemeanor handgun-related charges.

Daniels, with a California address and a record of drug-related charges in California, Nebraska and Pennsylvania, according to court records, now faces six drug-related charges and three firearm-related charges in this case.

A Marion County court ordered on April 29 that Higgins and "Weaver" forfeit $21,610 to federal authorities under civil forfeiture laws.

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