11/6/19 Some scooter

Spin Scooters will no longer be on campus starting Friday. However, they are expected to come back in March.

This Friday will be the last day to access an electric scooter from Spin as the company packs up for the winter.

The company is leaving of its own accord and is expected to come back around March if weather is permitting, Director of Development Erik Carlson said during Wednesday's city council meeting.

When Spin makes its return next year, they are expected to deploy an updated model, Carlson said.

From the launch of Spin on June 23 until Oct. 5, 67,731 rides have been recorded, according to data from West Lafayette. Throughout that time, the number of scooter increased from the original 150 to 300 scooters. Of those rides, only 3% crossed city lines. Of the 2,042 trips to cross the river, 910 went from West Lafayette to Lafayette and 1,132 went from Lafayette to West Lafayette.

Purdue averaged 8.64 rides per day, compared to West Lafayette's 7.39 and Lafayette's 1.63.

Overall, the city made approximately $25,000 from the $1 per-unit per-day fee that was incorporated into Ordinance 01-19, although the city was determining the final figures, Carlson said. To operate in the city, Spin also paid a $15,000 annual registration fee.

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