8/22/19 Anastazia Schmid

Anastazia Schmid

A woman convicted of murdering her boyfriend in 2002 has been released on probation following a court hearing Monday afternoon.

Anastazia Schmid, who was convicted in October 2002 of fatally stabbing then-boyfriend Tony Heathcote 39 times during sexual intercourse, pled guilty to voluntary manslaughter for a reduced sentence. In May, Schmid’s murder conviction was thrown out by a federal judge, giving Tippecanoe County Prosecutor Pat Harrington 120 days to choose to retry Schmid or throw the case out.

Harrington chose to construct a guilty plea deal with Schmid’s public defender and allow her to plead guilty to voluntary manslaughter, with a sentence of 18 years — the time she has already served.

“I can’t erase the pain that I brought or bring Tony’s life back,” Schmid said to the judge Monday, sometimes turning to Heathcote’s family in the front row of the gallery. “And a million apologies can never undo the past.”

Schmid said she wanted to end the cycle of pain and suffering for everyone involved.

The Heathcote family was not convinced.

“I believe with all my soul you are a manipulator and a liar,” said Alice Heathcote, Tony Heathcote’s stepmother, to Schmid from the witness stand. “God will know the truth.”

George Heathcote, the victim’s father, echoed his wife’s statements, saying during his testimony all Schmid wanted to do was to “save herself.”

“She never showed remorse for killing my son until today,” he said. “Just stop the lies, let my son rest now.”

Schmid had exhausted all appeal routes in Indiana before filing a lawsuit for a fair trial in federal court. In May, a U.S. District Court overruled all prior court rulings.

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