7/14/19 scott lane lindberg fire

Scott Lane stands in front of his home destroyed by a fire that affected five homes at Lindberg Village.

The cause of a fire at Lindberg Village that spread to five homes Friday afternoon is still under investigation as of Sunday.

Around 3 p.m. Friday, a neighbor heard a loud boom and went outside to see five houses on fire, WLFI reported.

Red Cross and the Tippecanoe County Emergency Management Agency were on the scene, helping those whose homes were damaged. A West Lafayette firefighter reportedly was hospitalized from a minor fire injury, but no one else was hurt.

Scott Lane, owner of one of the five houses that burned, said his 13-year-old son was the only one home when the house began to burn.

“One of the neighbors actually helped him get out, hollered at him and said, ‘Hey, your house is on fire!’” Lane said Sunday afternoon.

He has no injuries, but their two cats did not survive the fire.

Lane’s neighbor’s house was the first to catch fire, which then spread to the nearby homes from the wind. The house is currently fenced off for investigation.

Lane said he has been in contact with his insurance company and is still figuring out the cost of damages.

“Seeing that our house was not the culprit, it was the innocent bystander of a house that started it, makes it a lot easier on our part,” Lane said.

His friends and family were out with him Sunday afternoon examining the damage of the home his family moved into in 2014.

Lindberg Village Home Owners Association President Shawn Martin has started a GoFundMe for families affected, according to WLFI. As of Sunday afternoon, the original $10,000 goal was nearly met.

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