6/2 Primary Voting

Voters consider their choices at St. Lawrence Church during the June 2 primary election.

Voters throughout Indiana have received applications for absentee ballots from both the Republican and Democratic state party organizations even though the Hoosiers never requested the applications, according to a press release from the Tippecanoe County Board of Elections.

“These applications were not distributed by the Board of Elections office,” the release states.

Julie Roush, secretary of the board, said that although the applications were not sent from the Board of Elections, they are still valid absentee ballot request forms.

“If they qualify to vote by mail … they may fill this out and they can put it in the mail,” Roush said. “It’s going to go to the state, or they can drop it off at our office or send it in another envelope directly to our office. It’s up to them.”

Some voters were concerned by the potential message behind the forms, Roush added.

“One of the messages was alarming because (the voter) thought that maybe there was no in-person voting,” Roush said.

Indiana in-person absentee voting begins on Oct. 6 and runs until Nov. 3, Roush noted.

Roush said there will be two polling sites near Purdue this election cycle: one at the St. Thomas Aquinas Church, and another in an undecided location on campus.

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